Friday, December 20, 2013

Handsome Boy 3 months old!

Awe we can't get enough of this handsome boy!! He fills our heart and family with happiness. He has the funniest personality, Justin can get him laughing and it is contagious! we all end up laughing! In the morning he lays in bed squealing until the girls come in his room and stand on the edge of his crib and talk to him. He has begun to recognize us and when we are in his line of vision and smile at him he smiles back= happy hearts! He recently has fallen in love with the ceiling fan & loves to be in his swing. I love that swings are now electric and we don't have to spend his college savings on batteries. I noticed a while back that he has smelly feet.  I have been telling Justin when I take his socks off his feet smell and Justin got a whiff the other day... yep our 3 month old has stinky feet! 100% Boy!

I asked the girls what they love most about brother, their response...
Nyah- I love to talk to him & play with him. 
Anastyn- to, um sing to him.

Justin and I love everything about this little "big" guy! I enjoy my time with him when he wakes up at 4am to eat, I enjoy the smiles he gives me, I even enjoy when he is fussy! 
We love you buddy!!!

Slacker = that's me...

Its been a while since I have posted, where has the time gone? My last post we announced we were having another baby! We had our precious little boy Sept 26, 2013. Daxton Clark

He is absolutely spoiled and we love him dearly and couldn't imagine our little family without him!
Nyah and Anastyn started school late August. Nyah is loving kindergarten!! She beams on a daily basis when it is time for school. She is learning mandarin chinese and loves that as well. Half of the morning she is in chinese class and the other half english. Anastyn started pre-school and she absolutely loves her independence and having somewhere she needs to be, she refers to pre- school as her work. She is a feisty, independent & loving little girl that keeps us on our toes!



As for Justin and I we are doing well, he is still with the fire dept and I am at the hospital. I have been on maternity leave for the past 11 weeks and will soon be returning to work (next week).  It is bittersweet that is for sure. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Family Picture

Nyah drew our "1st Family Picture of 5!" We are excited to announce that we are having another baby. The girls are very excited to have a baby of their own!  Nyah wants to name the baby "Goldie". Anastyn hasn't said any name recently... she doesn't talk to much about the baby. She has been a little frustrated that I won't carry her at times, I tell her that it could hurt the baby (planning for the future when I can barely tie my own shoes, let alone carry her) her response is " I ride you back then!" this little girl is sometimes to smart for her own good.  So far the pregnancy has gone okay, besides morning sickness (that lasts all day) and an early case of placenta previa we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little addition late September.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preschool RePoRt CaRd

Nyah has been thoroughly pleased about going to preschool, today she came home with her report card from Mrs. Mckenzie. Nyah was quite proud of herself, as were we! She is doing so well in school!

Last week she was very excited to get a  letter in the mail.  Mrs. Mckenzie sent her a letter and a picture that was taken the 1st day of school.

Your are doing so well Ny, we are so proud of you!
We Love you,
Daddy, Mommy & Anastyn


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

...Word Journal's of our girls...

pack pack (backpack)
Oh pickles
Snarl (snore)
Neskalice (necklace)

Some of Nyah's favorites at the age of 4:
loves to sing along to the radio
play with cousins at Grandma Grace's
Loves to play with her babies & barbies
loves to do projects with mommy and sister
loves to have Root beer with her Pizza- " My root beer is SPICY!"
Justin was pouring her a root beer the other day with dinner, the root beer had been shaken up and he opened it.  The root beer of course overflowed onto the counter and the floor and with a startled look on her face she said " Oh S@#* dad!",  Justin explained to her that we don't talk like that and could no longer keep his composer and had to leave the room to  hide his laughter.

Party time (her birthday) When  we ask her when her Party Time is her response "deshember forf" (december 4th)  Finally she will say when her birthday is!
When we ask her what her name is... her most common response's ~
            The other sister
             nushing. (nothing)
Periodically she will answer correctly "Anstn Aree Scnider", then she will clap for herself!
After she sings her ABC's, she ask "aren't you clap?"
The other day we were at the Fire station and we were sitting at the table eating, the girls were playing and Anastyn tooted. I asked her" Anastyn, what do you say?" her reply "oh Brad!" Then she started laughing. She thought it was so funny that she blamed someone else!

Each day they say or do something that makes us laugh or just be completely amazed at their vocabulary!

Celebrating #6

This year Justin and I will celebrate our 6th Anniversary, our actual anniversary isn't until November but because of our work schedules we celebrate sometime in the fall... after we started our family we felt the best way to celebrate is to take a small little trip somewhere for a few days... So this year I decided I would surprise Justin with an anniversary trip in September. I have kept it a secret for roughly 6 weeks, at one point I thought I was completely busted by Nyah. She asked me one evening "who come to my house when you go to football?"  My response "Uh Ny what are you talking about? Justin are you going to a football game I don't know about? 

I decided to tell Justin about our trip this past this is what Justin found in our front yard...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of Pre-school

Our little girl is growing up faster than our liking! we are so proud of her and all she accomplishes each day. She was excited to start school, last night she picked out her outfit, shoes, underwear etc... placed them on the couch. Got her pack pack (backpack) and put her snack in it, hung it on the garage door. When we pulled up to her school she was quick to get out and head to class. I had to remind her to say bye to daddy and sister. She paused long enough for dad to snap a quick picture and she was off!
Once we dropped Ny off  and were driving home...Anasytn asked "where my Nyah at? I neber going to see her again?" Oh it was heart wrenching, poor girl is lost without her buddy!
But daddy kept her busy puzzling while sister was at school!