Friday, December 20, 2013

Handsome Boy 3 months old!

Awe we can't get enough of this handsome boy!! He fills our heart and family with happiness. He has the funniest personality, Justin can get him laughing and it is contagious! we all end up laughing! In the morning he lays in bed squealing until the girls come in his room and stand on the edge of his crib and talk to him. He has begun to recognize us and when we are in his line of vision and smile at him he smiles back= happy hearts! He recently has fallen in love with the ceiling fan & loves to be in his swing. I love that swings are now electric and we don't have to spend his college savings on batteries. I noticed a while back that he has smelly feet.  I have been telling Justin when I take his socks off his feet smell and Justin got a whiff the other day... yep our 3 month old has stinky feet! 100% Boy!

I asked the girls what they love most about brother, their response...
Nyah- I love to talk to him & play with him. 
Anastyn- to, um sing to him.

Justin and I love everything about this little "big" guy! I enjoy my time with him when he wakes up at 4am to eat, I enjoy the smiles he gives me, I even enjoy when he is fussy! 
We love you buddy!!!

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